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About Me

Hi, I’m Miriam (pronouns: she/her/hers).  My journey off the beaten career track has taken me from refugee community activism, into work as a junior doctor, then medical educator, healthcare improvement coach and transformational life coach.

The drive to carve my own path is borne out of a yearning for creativity, along with a desire to create change and to enable people to better connect with themselves and others.  And having a rebellious nature also helps!  


Pursuing an unconventional route has required me to challenge the boxes that society puts us in, which is not always easy.  My aim in coaching is to support others to unblock their path toward fulfilment in a way that is authentic and meaningful to them.


Understanding people’s unique identities, and the many interwoven or disparate parts that make them up, is something close to my heart.  Hailing from South London, and being of mixed heritage, I seek out and cultivate environments that cherish multiple influences and perspectives.


One of my core values is connection - the connections we make with ourselves and others, as well as with whatever else brings us joy and groundedness.  For me, one of these things is nature.  The pictures you see on the website are from my local parks during lockdown 1.0 (Burgess Park and Peckham Rye Park).  

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1:1 Testimonials


Louise John, Make-Up Artist

“I decided to sign up for life coaching with Miriam after a long period of procrastination in both work and my personal life, that I couldn’t seem to change. I was feeling stuck, things did not seem to be flowing. My business was not succeeding, this in turn was affecting other parts of my life, leaving me frustrated. 
Miriam was brilliant from beginning to end, she gave a balanced non judgemental approach in her coaching style. I always felt completely at ease, she has a relaxed style and this enabled me to talk honestly. By working together with me, Miriam helped me to look at my behaviours, themes in my life and the choices I was making. Some of these realisations were completely different to why I had started the coaching, but that had a profound and lasting affect on me. 
I since have been motivated to push my business forward and not give up, succeeding in getting to where I wanted it to be.
In this period I also started to look introspectively at self care and started to make changes in my health and fitness. These positive changes undoubtedly have come from the coaching with Miriam, I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to change and help themselves for whatever that might be.”

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A wooded area at sunset.

My Coaching


I coach people who want to understand themselves better in order to create change in their lives.  Often they are feeling overwhelmed or stuck, with a sense that something needs to change, but stumped as to how to go about realising that change.  They may be experiencing challenges related to a drop in confidence, struggling with asserting their own needs, or making space for, and allowing all parts of themselves to be expressed and heard.  Sometimes this is linked to feelings of self-criticism, shame or perfectionism. I support them to explore the beliefs, feelings and perceptions that underlie that stuckness, helping them to reconnect with a sense of self-determinationconfidence and self-compassion.  My work so far has included coaching teachers, creatives, entrepreneurs, healthcare & charity sector workers and coaches.

To explore whether coaching might be right for you, book a free consultation here.



Transformational coaching is centred around the following idea:

People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.  

What this means is that coaching is about using a conversation to tap into a client’s natural ability to unpick and re-imagine those deep-seated thoughts and feelings that have been keeping them stuck (importantly, this occurs in parallel with acknowledging the real external circumstances that create struggles and traumas - so rather than being a case of 'just think yourself better', it is one of acknowledging our experiences and responding to ourselves with compassion, meanwhile taking back power over things that hijack our thoughts, feelings and behaviours).  It is amazing how much power true listening can have - allowing the speaker to really hear themselves for the first time.

Normally we would meet for a series of 60 minute sessions over a period of weeks-months.  To discuss this in more detail, book a free consultation here.


Choose what works for you.  I offer:

- Zoom

- In person (rooms in South London)

- Walking (various locations in and around London) - this is in the trials stages at the moment, so get in touch if you're interested in helping test this out!



My coaching integrates various ways of understanding ourselves, including transactional analysiscognitive-behaviouralnarrative and person-centred approaches.  It harnesses the power of the non-judgmental coaching space for exploration of ideas and feelings.  A space for reflection, empathy and an offer to start considering things in different ways.

Check out my blog and resources pages to get a flavour of what my coaching is like.


I began my Transformational Life Coaching training with The Animas Centre for Coaching in 2018, alongside work as a medical educator, where I specialise in communication skills, quality improvement and team working.  I also work as a quality improvement coach, supporting NHS teams to make improvements.  Before becoming an educator, I worked for a few years as a junior doctor.  During the journey between the two, I completed introductory training in psychotherapy and counselling, and mindfulness-based stress reduction.

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What is Coaching?

Collaborative Conversations for Change

Coaching is a collaborative process in which a client identifies something in their life they wish to change, and works through it in conversation with a coach.  By listening, reflecting, challenging, and supporting accountability, the coach encourages the client to explore their ideas and feelings, gaining new insights, and taking action.  

Over a series of sessions, the client identifies what they want to work on, and takes action to move towards their desired outcome.  The process itself facilitates deep learning and growth.

Sometimes a client will have a clear idea of what they want to focus on - for example, gaining clarity about a challenging relationship, developing self-confidence in certain situations, or moving forward with a project.  At other times the focus is not immediately clear, and is more a general desire for change.  When this is the case, coaching can be used to help identify the focus.

What differentiates coaching from counselling, therapy, mentoring or training?

Coaching is action-focused, meaning that it focuses on what can be done going forward, and its purpose is to create change.  While it involves exploration of thoughts and feelings, its primary intention differs from that of psychotherapy or counselling, which aim to offer exploration and understanding of past events.

Coaching is client-centred and collaborative, meaning that the client sets the agenda, and the coach’s role is to support them in getting what they want from the sessions.  This differs from training, where the agenda and intended outcomes are set by someone else.

Coaching differs from mentoring, in which someone with specific expertise provides guidance and advice.  In coaching, the client is considered the expert on their own situation, and rather than advice, the coach offers reflections and observations for the client to consider.

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- Book me for your workplace (I run workshops on preventing burnout and improving communication) - for a free consultation to explore and tailor this to you, click here.

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