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Preventing Burnout Taster Workshops




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About the Course

A series of workshops exploring how we deal with emotional challenges in relation to work.

While acknowledging that to prevent burnout we also need to change the system that puts unreasonable pressures on people... But in the meantime (and anyway), it can be liberating, enlightening, and even transformative, to explore what's going on internally when we feel wound up or ground down.

How do we take the sting out of those situations that really get us where it hurts?

How do we meet our own psychological needs when surrounded by chaos and dysfunction?

Covering a range of approaches including:

- Understanding how stress impacts self-esteem.

- Mindful self-compassion.

- Shame resilience

- Cognitive behavioural approaches

- Understanding our inner critic, inner child, and how interactions can trigger old feelings.

Aiming to build solidarity and emotional literacy, these workshops will cover a range of practical steps that can be taken away and used independently.

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